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Sunday, June 17, 2007

You Know You're A Pasty White Boy When...

...You get sunburned sitting in the shade.

Had a good Father's Day today. My dad, brother and I went to my aunt, uncle and cousin's place (I probably hadn't seen them in 8-10 years) to visit them and my grandpa. While I'm never a big fan of spending a lot of time outside (sun, heat, allergies, bugs, etc.), it was still a fun, relaxing afternoon. My cousin's turned out to be a pretty cool guy, complete with shin and shoulder tattoos, which grandpa took to poking fun at. (His shoulder just happened to be sunburned as well, from a trip to the beach. His explanation? "She was cute!")

If it pleases the court, the defence would like to call into question the preceding statements brought forth by the shifty, sweaty, beady-eyed witness.

Wait, that's not right...

Click to see full size

Not only did I get a spiffy new DS game in Phoenix Wright, there was a bonus of some Nintendo Power-esque envelope art. ¡Viva la Lae! (As an addendum: Sweet Jebus @ the cleavage on Mia Fey. )

I also picked up Metroid Prime Pinball on sale this past week, in addition to Brain Age arriving. Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Drill Dozer should be delivered in the coming days. I may nab Puzzle Quest if I find a good price. Between Halo, the DS, and all the DS/GBA games, June has been, by far, my biggest month of game accumulation since the turn of the century. And it's only half done.


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