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Friday, December 08, 2006

So Much Snow, You Could Drown A Hobbit

Over the past day and a half, our fair town of London, Ontario has been totally buried with snow. They're saying it's the worst storm in roughly 30 years. All schools, including UWO and Fanshawe College are closed, the LTC buses aren't running yet, and all but the main roads are pretty much unplowed. People are being told to stay at home, and not driving, except in case of emergency.

Linked below is what it looked like outside our house at around 8AM today. The family went to a Knights game last night (London got thoroughly thrashed there as well), and got home at around 10PM. We did a sufficient job of clearing out the driveway so we could get back in. So the mass on the grey van, and in the driveway is about 9 hours' worth of snow blowing and falling.

No editing done for now. I just threw them up there. So there may be shots of a trench with dog pee at the bottom in there.

The last batch are traffic cameras from nearby Toronto and Detroit. This is apparently a very local circumstance. There was literally nothing there on Wednesday, so that's all from yesterday and early today.


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